We bailiffs began with our operations in the year 2000, when the Ministry of Justice assigned to us the concession for the undertaking of direct actions of enforcement and insurance of claims. This means that we carry out forcible collections of court judgments, judgments issued in the course of administrative procedure or in the infractions process, as well as the forcible execution of the notary record (with the intent of repayment of monetary or non-monetary claims).

For the repayment of the claimant's monetary claims, we bailiffs are authorized to perform seizures of the debtor's tangible assets, as well as the sale of the assets seized, on the basis of the decision of a court or upon the authority of another state agency.

On the basis of a court decision or decree, we also perform the collection of non-monetary claims, such as allowances, suspensions of certain actions, clearances and the turning over of real estate to the claimant.

We perform the duties of bailiff as authorized officials, our working methods being prescribed by the Execution of Judgments in Civil Matters and Insurance of Claims Act and Regulations for the Work of the Bailiff. The payment of the bailiff is delineated in the Rulebook of Prices for the Payment of the Work of the Bailiff and the Reimbursement of Costs in Relation to Their Work.

We bailiffs are joined in the Chamber of Bailiffs of Slovenia with its headquarters in Ljubljana. In line with the amendments to the ZIZ law, it is necessary to name the bailiff in the request for enforcement. .

Bailiff Franko Slavec
Vojkovo nabreĹžje 25
6000 Koper

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